Reasons to Join

"Is joining a country club a good idea?"

This is a fair question. Perhaps you've considered it for personal or professional reasons, but are unsure if it's worth the investment. To provide some input on the topic, below are the top 5 reasons to join a country club that we distilled from experience and from our membership here at Heathrow & The Legacy Club in Lake Mary, Florida:

1. People
The most valuable and important aspect of a country club is its membership. In the relaxed club-setting, networking is effortless and happens as a natural result of participation. Country Clubs like Heathrow & The Legacy Club are filled with influential decision makers for businesses in your area. Playing in the Saturday- shootout, going to the Friday night buffet, relaxing by the pool on Sunday you and your family will likely forge great friendships. Aside from immense impacts to your business, it's hard to put a price tag on making lifelong friends.

2. Time
Have you ever been stuck behind the group that thinks they're in the U.S. Open? Playing on public golf courses can take up to six hours (especially if you get behind the wrong person or group). Given that members have a vested interest and consider their club their home, care and courtesy is a standard practice at clubs like Heathrow & The Legacy Club. As a result, members play in well-under four hours on average, and for you this means a potential to 2-3 hours saved. Ask yourself, how much more golf would I play if it took two-hours less time?

3. Golf Course Conditions
Private clubs have less traffic and higher maintenance budgets, and thus provide lusher fairways and faster greens. Playing on a well-maintained golf course is more fun, plain and simple. The next time you bring a client or partner golfing at a public course, ask yourself: "What impression does this course have on my guest?"

4. Other Amenities
Country clubs are not simply golf courses. At Heathrow & The Legacy Club for example, our members and their families enjoy a beautiful resort-style pool, tennis, fitness and dining. This provides a one-stop shop for members to enjoy all types of recreation. As a result the club becomes a "home away from home". See below for a perfect example of the amenities offered from the Athletic Club!

5. Balance
Work hard, play hard - a simple yet poignant saying. While the club lets you "plug-in" socially, it also is a venue where you, your friends and family can "unplug". Leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and spending quality time with friends and family is the key to happiness.

Heathrow & The Legacy Club is North Orlando's premier country club. Please click here to easily inquire about opportunities for membership.